If/Then until you Win

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Fighting the battle of the bulge can be a struggle of epic engagement.  For every victory you gain by sticking to your meal and exercise plan, there’s some temptation waiting to sabotage it.  It’s the “if/then” syndrome, and it’s very hard to win.  If, for example, you buy the latest athleisure wear determined to sculpt the perfect thigh gap, then get discouraged, youstruggle to stay determined.  If you make mental calculations and figure just one bite out of a donut that contains 600 calories won’t be hurt, then look around wondering what happened to it after you’ve eaten the whole thing,You can feel like you’re wasting your time trying to lose weight.  If you say you’re certain you’ll be back in those size 8’s “by the end of next month.”  Then realize you’ve been repeating that statement for three months…  It’s time to get serious and try Bowflex.  But first  you should search Groupon and find a coupon code good for a Bowflex system that will help you achieve the fat burning, cardio training, strength building results you desire.  Right in the comfort of your home.

Now would be a great time to give Bowflex a try.  Their new Hybrid Velocity Training is cardio and strength combined into one of the fastest work outs ever created and it’s a great piece of equipment for the home.  No waiting to use the equipment at the gym across town on your day off.  Or getting to cycling class only to find it’s max’d out.  Or missing it all together because rain/snow/flood water/street maintenance/parade/marathon, etc has blocked the highway.  Using a money saving Groupon, you can trim nearly $600 off an in-home gym system.  There’s a Groupon that will take $250 off the price of a Treadclimber TC100, and they’ll throw in free shipping.  Another deal, just in time for all the summer slimming you want to do, will take $200 off the versatile X2SE Home Gym system, and free shipping is included in this deal as well.

The Bowflex system is more than the equipment, it’s the support you receive and the goals you crush that give you the incentive to go on.Make the most of your precious time and save the most money by shopping Bowflex through Groupon.  If you combine those two, then you’re sure to be a winner.